I have been ad Dj for over 25 years and now clean and sober for over 4 and a half years, and I am able to follow my passion in a new light.  With the help of my higher power, the program, my willingness, and my support group, I have been able to follow my dreams with integrity and without reservations. I have been networking as a Dj throughout various NA and AA communities throughout Washington and now Oregon.  I have had the pleasure of Djing for the the South King Alano Club for almost 5 years. I am also on the board of directors and I also have the pleasure of serving as the Activities Director for the club as well. In addition to that I also previously served as the AGSR for On Point Recovery, a NA group that meets 7 days a week at S.K.A.C., and still hold the position of Activities Director currently. For both O.P.R. and S.K.A.C. I regularly plan parties, fundraisers and weekend dances.

In April 2014  I won the S.I.N.A.C. (Seattle International Narcotics Anonymous Convention) "Battle Of The Djs" which allowed me to play for the event last July.  Additionally in 2014 I was the Dj several events for P.C.A.N.A. (Pierce County Area of Narcotics Anonymous) and was hired in 2015 for all their events throughout the year.  I also had the pleasure for Dj'ng for several AA groups throughout the King County Area. This summer I will be the Dj for Seattle Area AA.  For the remainder of 2015, I am also locked in for 4 of S.K.C.N.A.'s events.

How I differ from other Djs is that I bring my nightclub experience and style into a clean and sober environment. I thrive on emulating the total party experience and atmosphere, only without the drugs and alcohol. I am also an open-format Dj and an experienced entertainer. That experience translates into the ability to "read" your group.  This allows smooth flow from announcements, events, and music. To get a sample of some of the music and genres I play, please check out my music page.

No matter what the event entails I can, and do, bring the ultimate party experience to your venue. It is also reassuring to know that you are hiring someone who not only practices the program in their daily life, but is also accustomed to both programs and their practice's within them.

I am a full-service Dj company. In addition to providing music and sound reinforcement, I also offer promotional flyers and event promotion services, both locally and on my social media sites. I can and will travel out of the greater Puget Sound area as well.

Letters of recommendation can also be provided. I also encourage you to see me live to get the feel for what I do, and the music I play. I am an open-format Dj, so no music is really taboo. I play a wide variety of music genres throughout each performance, ensuring that all music lovers will get to hear their favorites.   

OPR Halloween Flyer 2013

Animation Nation 2014

SFC Independance 2014

OPR Halloween 2013

SINAC 2014


SKAC Freedom Party 2013

Sunday Night Speakers Halloween 2014

SKAC Crew Sinac Dj Battle Apr. 2014

SINAC Dj Battle Apr 2014

OPR Halloween 2013

SINAC 2014